7 Mar 2015

Show #577

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Hour One: Opening song from birthday boy Mickey Dolenz (3-8-45). Then Guest Host Thea Chesley and Lana go down memory lane telling stories from prison. Science Consultant Brian Willard and Engineer Kevin Hecht bring us up to speed on transportation technology, especially electric cars: Mitsubishi, Elio, Tesla, Wheego. GM made and sold the EV1 in the 1980s but then killed you wonder why? Kevin introduces us to a film, "Who Killed the Electric Car" and to a term, "hypermiling." Newer cars help you do this.

Hour Two: Jen Danzinger calls in from KawaKon, a popular culture convention in St. Louis, a small event at about 2,000 people, but with great variety. For more pop culture events, Danz says to check out Mark Russillo with the band Ocean State calls in and joins the conversation. Jim Grimes (joining us live in the studio on his birthday) updates us on the jobs scene and on Illinois' pension shenanigans. Hour ends with Thea's poem, "There Are No Panaceas."

Hour Three: Opens with Cotillion in C, a Hugh Moore instrumental from his CD "Original Passions." Carol Rodgers, founder of The Helping Paw Project joins us in the studio. Her senior dog adoption program finds homes for older dogs and even helps with the cost of their medical care. Carol's extraordinary vet is Gary Minder from Chatham, IL, and she says she couldn't maintain the program without his excellent help. Carol answers "The Question" on behalf of her dog Snickers. Show ends, as always, with Lana's birthday segment.


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