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Our virtual museum contains hundreds of 3D models of great works of sculpture, especially classical sculpture. We have agreements with important cast collections to digitize individual works of art using a process called photogrammetry. The result is called a “state 3D model” of the cast (and, of course, of the original ancient sculpture from which the cast was made). When we need a certain ancient sculpture for one of our virtual tours, Flyover Zone’s artists use the state 3D model and digitally repair any damage (for example, a missing nose or missing color). The idea is to make the sculpture look new. We call our artists’ creations “3D restoration models.” You will see both state and restoration models in our virtual museum.

The museum is constantly growing, so put a reminder on your calendar to come back every few weeks to see the new acquisitions!


An “annotation” is a hotspot we apply to a feature on a 3D model. For example, an annotation might identify a mythological figure on an ancient bas-relief. When you click on an annotation, a small window opens in which you can learn something interesting about the feature.

When there are two or more annotations on a 3D model, you have the option to move around it from one to the next. To do this, find the “forwards” and “backwards” buttons on the bottom of the screen of a model. Click once on the “forwards” button to proceed to the next annotation we have placed on the 3D model. If you want to retrace your steps, you can easily do so by clicking on the “backwards” arrow until you find the annotation you were looking for.

Hire us to digitize your collection

Flyover Zone is available to digitize your three-dimensional art and architecture as a work-for-hire. In the past, we have worked with universities such as the Sapienza in Rome, cast collections in Basel, Geneva, and Berlin, and museums like the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Auction houses, art galleries, museums, and private collectors will find Flyover Zone a reliable supplier of high-quality 3d models. We can embed them on your website to support the outreach of a public institution or the commercial activities of a gallery or auction house. 



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Featured 3D model

Julia Domna

Julia Domna was the wife of Emperor Septimius Severus and mother to Caracalla and Geta. She was famous for being a patron of the arts and fostered an intellectual community of philosophers, physicians, artists, and writers.

See how polychromy brings sculpture to life

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