Niobid Pedagogue and M4 (Restoration)

Niobid Pedagogue and M4 (Restoration #2)

Name: Niobid Pedagogue and M4 (Restoration #2)
Material: Cast (plaster of Paris)
Format: Statue Group
Museum: Courtesy Villa Medici, Rome
Note: See: W. Geominy, Kölner Jahrbuch 43 (2010) 267-279. De Cavalerii's illustration shows that the statue lacked a head when discovered in 1583. The head used for the restoration of the statue (Uffizi) is clearly wrong. The head used here is based on the head in the Naples Archaeological Museum (inv. no. 6153; see It resembles the heads of the Pedagogues seen on Roman sarcophagi illustrating the myth (e.g., Munich Glyptothek 345, Vatican Museums 2635, Vatican Museums 10437, and Wilton House 1963.29).
Restorer: Mohamed Abdelaziz
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