Achilles and Penthesilea (reconstruction)

Achilles and Penthesilea (reconstruction Berger)

Name: Achilles and Penthesilea (reconstruction Berger)
Material: Cast
Format: Statue Group
Museum: Courtesy Skulpturhalle, Basel
Museum inventory number: [?]
Note: Ernst Berger oversaw the reconstruction for the Skulpturhalle in the period 1964-1972 (see Berger, s.v. "Penthesileia," in LIMC, vol. VII.1 [Artemis Verlag, Zurich, Munich, 1994] p. 305). This is the first of three variants (no. 65 in Berger, ibid.). Penthesilea's torso comes from Settebagni, her head from the Antikensammlung Basel. Achilles' torso comes from the Conservators' Palace in the Capitoline Museums, the head from Madrid. For more details, see Berger, op. cit., 304.
Name of photographer/modeler: Davide Angheleddu
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