Cavalry Monuments (reconstruction)

Cavalry Monuments of the Propylaia (reconstruction)

Name: Cavalry Monuments of the Propylaia (reconstruction)
Material: Digital
Format: Statue Group
Location: Two equestrian statue groups dating to ca. 450 BCE are restored at the west entrance to the Propylaia by Gorham P. Stevens, Architectural Studies Concerning the Acropolis of Athens, Hesperia 15.2 (1946) 73-106 at pp. 81-83 with Figure 5. Stevens speculated that Mnesicles placed them "on either side of the approach to his Propylaea" (p. 82).
Note: The statue group was reconstructed following the indications of Stevens, loc. cit. He did not indicate the material from which they were made.
Restorer: Mohamed Abdelaziz
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