Faun and Nymph

Faun and Nymph ("Invitation to the Dance")

Name: Faun and Nymph ("Invitation to the Dance")
Material: Cast (plaster of Paris)
Format: Statue Group
Museum: By permission of the Museo dell’Arte Classica, Sapienza University, Rome
Museum inventory number: 964
Museum of original: Roman copy of original dating to the middle of the second century BC. Reconstruction by W. Klein and G.E. Rizzo. Klein's satyr torso is based on a sculpture in the Uffizi, the head on a sculpture in the Louvre. The torso of the nymph is based on a statue in Brussels, the head, on a sculpture in Dresden. Rizzo changed the position of the satyr's hands; he replaced the head of the nymph with the cast of one in the storerooms of the Vatican Museums. For details, see M.L. Morricone, Il Museo dei Gessi dell'Universita' di Roma (Rome, Libreria dello Stato 1981) 27-28.
Name of photographer/modeler: Carter Conaway
Copyright: 2019 Flyover Zone Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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