Great Monuments

Flyover Zone’s Great Monuments line of teletours takes you to important cultural heritage sites around the world. In a Reborn teletour (Athens Reborn, Egypt Reborn, etc.), we take you back in time to a monument or site that we reconstruct digitally because it has been damaged or destroyed over the centuries. In the Great Monuments, we take you to amazing places that still exist and are in excellent condition. 

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Great Monuments: Casino dell'Aurora
Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi is your host on a tour of her grand house in Rome's city center.
Great Monuments: Casino dell'Aurora
Learn about Guercino's famous ceiling painting, "Aurora," which has lent its name to the property.
Great Monuments: Casino dell'Aurora
Learn about Caravaggio's ceiling painting ("Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto") and the man who commissioned it, Card. Francesco Maria Del Monte.
Great Monuments: Casino dell'Aurora
Learn about Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, his exquisite taste and his mysterious death.
Pomarancio "Eight Dancing Putti"
Guercino's "Landscape," his entry in the competition for the contract to paint the ceiling frescoes. Learn why this painting won the prize over the entries of Viola, Bril, and Domenichino.


Great Monuments: Casino dell'Aurora

The Casino dell’Aurora in Rome, Italy is a gem of the art and architecture of the 1600s hidden away in the heart of the modern city. Flyover Zone has cooperated with the owner, Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, to take you on a teletour of this property which is not open to the public. See Guercino’s famous ceiling painting of the myth of Aurora, the goddess of the Dawn. See Caravaggio’s only ceiling painting,  a bawdy statue attributed to Michelangelo, and much, much more.

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