Historical Games

Flyover Zone takes you back to the past to see and participate in the games and other entertainments that ancient peoples found so engaging. Learn how to fight as a gladiator in an ancient Roman arena, to race a chariot in the Circus Maximus in Rome, to hunt wild animals in the Colosseum. Who says that study of history can’t be fun?

The first product in the Historical Games series takes you to the Circus Maximus, Rome’s great race track. Here you will learn how to drive a four-horse chariot and to compete against three other chariots in a simulated chariot race. Learn the rules of the game and hone your skills as you rise from novice to expert. 


Learn how to be a gladiator
Get to know the Ludus Magnus, the gladiators' training camp, and explore the tunnel connecting it to the Colosseum.
Find out how the charioteers in the Circus Maximus kept track of the laps during the confusion and mayhem of the race.
Explore the Circus Maximus
Start as a novice gladiator and rise to a professional level as you master the rules and the moves.
Learn how to drive a chariot and then compete against three avatar charioteers. Rise from novice to pro as you master the rules and the manuevers.
Coming soon! Historical Games: Animal Hunts
Learn how the Romans staged hunts of wild animals in the Colosseum. Don hunter's gear, learn to wield the weapons, and try to vanquish a lion in the Colosseum.
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Explore the Colosseum
See how slaves operated the elevators bringing the animals from their cages to the arena.
Hunt animals in the Colosseum
Learn to hunt animals in the Colosseum. Explore the underground level where the animals were kept. Ride in an elevator with a lion on his way to the arena above.


Historical Games: Chariot Racing

Learn to drive a four-horse chariot in the Circus Maximus in Rome. Once you finish your training, you can test your skills against the competition and try to win a race.

The system requirements for Historical Games: a powerful graphics card (Nvidia 2060 or better) and a VR headset with two controllers (Oculus Rift/Rift-S, HTC Vive). HIstorical Games can also run on an Oculus Quest.

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