Colosseum District

Product Summary… The Colosseum is one of the required stops on any visit to Rome. Here occurred the cruel and bloody spectacles that the Romans found so entertaining and we so troubling: the gladiatorial combats, the animal hunts, and the execution of prisoners. The Colosseum was itself the hub of an area rich in monuments. This teletour takes to the the Colosseum, the Colossus of the Sun, the Ludus Magnus (training camp of the gladiators), Arch of Constantine, Meta Sudans, Temple of Venus and Rome (the biggest temple in Rome), and the Arch of Titus. Your guide is Prof. Bernard Frischer, an expert on the archaeology of Rome and environs


Over 20 stops and 2 hours of content

Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
Take a virtual tour of Flyover's reconstruction of the Colosseum and nearby monuments.
Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
See the Temple of Venus and Rome, the largest temple in the city. it stood across the street from the Colosseum.
Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
Your virtual tour takes you inside the two cellas of the Temple of Venus and Rome, each dominated by an impressive cult statue.
Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
Flyover's tour takes you to the Arch of Constantine, lovingly reconstructed with the color of its famous carved reliefs restored. You can see each relief close up and find out the meaning of each scene.
Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
Visit the Colossus of the Sun and learn why we call the neighboring Flavian Amphitheater "the Colosseum."
Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
See the underground level of the Colosseum, which is rarely visited by tourists. Learn about the wild animals kept here and how elevators took them to the arena floor above for the animal hunts.
Rome Reborn: Colosseum District
Visit the Arch of Titus and see Flyover's restoration of the famous reliefs under the arch.

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Rome Reborn: Colosseum District

Flyover Zone offers you a teletour of the Colosseum and neighboring monuments, including the Ludus Magnus (gladiators’ training camp), the Colossus of the Sun, the Temple of Venus and Rome, the Meta Sudans, the Arch of Constantine, and the Arch of Titus. See the ruins today and use the time warp feature to view the way they appeared in antiquity. Your guide is Prof. Bernard Frischer, an expert on the archaeology of Rome and environs.

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Google Cardboard/Daydream, Mac OS, Window 10,ย 

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Chinese, English, French, German, Italian


ยฉ 2020 Flyover Zone Productions

User Reviews

Amazing reconstruction of ancient Rome. As an archaeologist I always look with suspicion this kind of project but this time I totally changed my mind. RR has a scientific base of the highest value on the market of this sector: nothing is approximate or invented. Far beyond imagination allows you to enter the life of Rome wrapped in a dizzying timeless beauty. Congratulations, a project that will surely mark the history of 3D and archaeological reconstructions ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”
Cristiana Barandoni
Consultant, National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Exceptional! Iโ€™m looking forward to teaching with it in my next Roman City Seminar!
Jackie Murray
Professor of Classics, University of Kentucky
I am a PhD student in Classical Studies at Columbia, and I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing a trial run of Roma Reborn (with the VR headset) last week. It is absolutely AMAZING. It was honestly an incredibly beautiful and moving experience. The program is very user-friendly, easy to follow and understand. Really wonderful for all levels - for beginning students to advanced professors. Looking forward to re-entering the VR world of Roma Reborn again soon! Superb work!!!
Mary-Evelyn Farrior
Graduate student in Classical Studies, Columbia University

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