Rome Reborn: Roman Forum

Flyover Zone takes you on a teletour of the Roman Forum, Rome’s city center. Like a town square today, the Forum area had courts, government buildings, places of worship, and historical monuments. A visit to the Forum gives you an excellent overview of Roman civilization and history. 


Over 40 stops and up to 3 hours of content

Rome Reborn: Roman Forum
Flyover Zone invites you to take a virtual tour of the Roman Forum. You will see and learn about over 40 monuments, including the Senate House, Rostra, triumphal arches, and temples.
Rome Reborn: Roman Forum
Flyover shows you even the minor monuments in the Roman Forum such as the equestrian statue of Septimius Severus. Learn about him and Rome's other important leaders who left their mark in the Forum.
Rome Reborn: Roman Forum
Visit the shrine of the archaic goddess Vesta and listen to an interview with the excavator, Prof. Russell Scott.
Roman Reborn: Roman Forum
Flyover received permission from the authorities to show you the way the Forum looks today. This is one of many "now" views.
Rome Reborn: Roman Forum
Flyover take you close to the Arch of Septimius Severus. You can learn more about the arch in one of our free educational apps (avaiable on our website).
Rome Reborn: Roman Forum
Users love the stop inside the Roman Senate House (Curia Julia). Here you learn about the Senate and have a chance to get a close look at the famous altar and statue of the goddess Victory.

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Rome Reborn: Roman Forum

This teletour takes you to one of the world’s most-visited destinations, the Roman Forum. It shows you the site today as well as Flyover’s reconstructions of how it looked in antiquity. Your guide is Prof. Bernard Frischer, an expert on the archaeology of Rome and environs.  Along the way you will hear interviews with other experts, including Profs. Paolo Liverani, Bryan Rose, and Russell Scott.

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User Reviews

I do not know of any other VR archaeological reconstruction which is at the same time so historically accurate and so lively and easy to use. This is particularly true if we consider the Roman Forum in particular. My claim is based on a study I presented for the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology (Cologne/Bonn, Germany 22nd – 26th May 2018), in which I compared all the 3D reconstructions of the Roman Forum developed in the last 20 years. Rome Reborn’s reconstruction was by far the best
Paolo Liverani
Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Florence
Upon the release of the Roman Forum I immediately tested the app in my courses on the discipline of Classical archaeology and the history of Rome. At the end of each class’ visit to the Forum I had the students don the visors while still on-site, positioning them in a location corresponding to a viewing station in the app. The results were very promising: in the vast majority of cases the reaction upon seeing the ancient structures with their correct scale, materials, and decorations was a gasp of amazement (in some cases a mild start) followed by an exclamation along the lines of “We’ve been studying these things for days/weeks, but still I had no idea that they looked like this or were so colorful/tall/beautiful!”
Alberto Prieto
Professor of Roman Archaeology, Loyola University Rome Campus
The Rome Reborn apps are extremely high-quality restorations of ancient Rome, with excellent documentary information. The quality of the VR is very high (none of my students has complained of any issues with motion sickness). I recommend them with great enthusiasm as they bring ancient Rome to life in living color to teachers, students, and lovers of ancient Rome.
Betsey Robinson
Professor of Art History, Vanderbilt University

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