Athena Parthenos LeQuire (emended)

Athena Parthenos Restored (emended)

Name: Athena Parthenos Restored (emended)
Material: Digital
Format: Statue
Location: Based on digitization of Alan LeQuire's physical reconstruction at 1:1 scale in The Parthenon in Centennial Park (Nashville, Tennessee)
Consultant: Jenifer Neils
Note: We thank Mr. LeQuire and Wesley Paine (Director, The Parthenon, Centennial Park, Nashville) for permission to digitize the statue in Nashville and to utilize it in Flyover Zone's virtual tour of the Acropolis in Athens. In this version, we show the first phase with the serpent on Athena's right side.
Name of photographer/modeler: Matthew R. Brennan and Bernard Frischer
Restorer: Mohamed Abdelaziz
Copyright: 2021 Flyover Zone Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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