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Flyover Zone, an employee-owned company based in Bloomington, Indiana, is an acknowledged pioneer in the emerging field of virtual tourism. We create tours of cultural heritage sites that empower our virtual travelers to explore a destination as their curiosity leads them. Flyover Zone’s virtual tours do more than take you to see the monuments as they look today. When they have been damaged or destroyed, we also show you stunningly beautiful virtual reconstructions of how they originally looked. This means you can go back in time and experience the world’s great heritage sites the way the ancients did. Visit historic places such as Rome, Athens, and Baalbek just by turning on your phone, tablet, computer or VR headset – Flyover will teleport you there in an instant!

What Is Virtual Tourism?

Virtual tourism follows in the wake of telecommuting, telemedicine, and teleconferencing as the latest way that digital technology allows us to overcome limitations of space. Flyover Zone’s virtual tours make it possible to see the great cultural heritage sites of the world from the comfort of your living room or from your classroom.

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Flyover Zone is not currently searching for any positions but we are always interested in hearing from interested parties. If you’d like to bring your skills and talents to Flyover Zone please complete the form below and we’ll get in touch if we think you would be a good fit.


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