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Flyover Zone is an EdTech company with the mission of virtualizing and democratizing world heritage sites and monuments. Virtualization means 3D modeling of the current condition of the monument. It also means digital restoration of any damage that the monument may have suffered since it was first created. Democratization means two things: we use the Internet to stream the sites and monuments to our users. This makes it possible for those who for whatever reason (time or economic constraints, disability, etc.) cannot travel to the monuments to at least see and experience their digital twin. Moreover, the price of doing so is a tiny fraction of what an actual trip would cost. Democratization also means that your virtual guide is one of the world’s leading experts such as the director of an excavation or a research institute. This is not normally the kind of highly qualified specialist with whom you can take a tour in the real world.

We fulfill our mission through our two streaming services.

Our Virtual Museum has hundreds of 3D models of classical sculpture in museums and private collections. Each object in the museum is accompanied by metadata giving you information comparable to what you typically find on a museum label. We also include links to vetted scholarly information available elsewhere on the Internet.

Yorescape® is a word we coined based on “yore,” as in “days of yore,” and “-scape,” as in landscape. Yorescape is the name of our streaming platform for virtual tours taking you across space to see ruins in countries like Egypt, Greece, and Italy as well as back in time to see the ruins spring to life in computer reconstructions.

FlyoverZone Rome Pantheon GIF SMALL, Flyover Zone
The Pantheon in Rome on Yorescsape. You see the monument today and also as it appeared when new 1,900 years ago. Note that when you visit it on Yorescape, you don't have to stand in the long line!

By offering you virtual travel through time as well as space, a Yorescape tour has features with which a real-world tour cannot compete.

Also unique to our platform is the fact that leading scholars work with our 3D modelers to ensure that the reconstructions of the monuments are scientifically valid. They also help our writers to craft the scripts that are recorded so that at each stop on a tour you can learn how the world’s experts explain what you are seeing.

Our two services are aimed at lovers of world heritage, whether they be students, teachers, or members of the general public.

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