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Yorescape is our proprietary platorm for virtual field trips taking students across space to see ruins in countries like Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Mexico and back in time to see the ruins spring to life in computer reconstructions. The same experts who work with our 3D models to reconstruct the ruins also work with our writers to craft the scripts that are recorded and can be heard at each stop on a tour. Like the Virtual Museum, the mission of Yorescape is to cover major cultures around the world. As of January 2024, we have produced 15 virtual tours to iconic sites such as the Giza Plateau in Egypt, the Acropolis and the Agora in ancient Athens, the entire city of ancient Rome seen from the air, and more. You may try Yorescape at no cost for one week by clicking here.

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Yorescape offers Flyover Zone’s virtual tours all in one place and key features include Free Roam.

  • Virtual Tours

    Experience all of Flyover Zone's virtual tours in our new app Yorescape! All of our virtual tours will have an updated user interface, expert commentary, time warps, and interactive maps.

  • Free Roam

    Explore our virtual tours with Free Roam! Use the virtual joysticks to move around the space and see small details up close.

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Virtual Tours Available on Yorescape

with many more to come!

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