Aphrodite Seated

“Aphrodite Seated”

Name: “Aphrodite Seated”
Material: cast (plaster of Paris)
Format: Statue
Museum: Courtesy Museo dell'Arte Classica, Sapienza University, Rome
Museum inventory number: 1173
Museum of original: n/a. Reconstruction by art historian G. Becatti and sculptor L. Meratali of seated Aphrodite attributed to Phidias. It is thought to be a statue of this type that Pliny (NH 36.15) reported seeing in the Porticus of Octavia in Rome. The reconstruction is based on a cast of the torso in the Hall of the Emperors of the Capitoline Museums, Rome and a cast of the head of the so-called Sappho in the National Archaeological Museum, Naples. For details, see Maria Luisa Morricone, Il Museo dei Gessi dell'Universita' di Roma (Rome 1981) 22-23. See also C. C. Davison and G.B. Waywell, Pheidias (Oxford 2009) vol. 1, p. 511
Name of photographer/modeler: Carter Conaway
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