Hadrian's Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden

Hadrian’s Villa is a World Heritage Site located in Tivoli, Italy about 30 km from Rome’s city center. Hadrian ruled as emperor in the years 117 to 138 of our era. An intrepid traveler and builder, he had this enormous complex  constructed throughout his reign. Known as Hadrian’s Villa, the place was a government retreat where the emperor and his court could pursue the everyday tasks of administering the vast empire while also enjoying leisure activities such as bathing, banqueting hunting, and attending the theater. Lavishly decorated with sculpture, gardens, and fountains of all kinds, the villa was a delight to the eye of the ancient visitor.

Now, thanks to Flyover Zone, you can take teletours of Hadrian’s Villa from anywhere in the world and the see the ruins as they appear today. You can also travel back in time to view accurate reconstructions of how the villa looked during the reign of Hadrian.


12 Stops, about 90 minutes.

Hadrian's Villa: Stadium Garden
Visit the North Hall and see the sculpture gallery featuring statues from the villa explained on a guided tour.
Hadrian's Villa: Stadium Garden
Visit the South Hall and learn about the architecture, the room's sculptural decoration, and its use for imperial audiences.
Hadrian's Villa: Stadium Garden
See the South Nymphaeum and learn about the 16 sculptures of the Niobid statue group that decorated the monumental fountain.

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Hadrian's Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden

Flyover Zone has released its next teletour of Hadrian’s Villa. The next part of the villa you will visit is the so-called Stadium Garden. As you’ll quickly see, the complex was neither a stadium nor a garden but–as the modern excavations revealed–an impressive complex of buildings richly decorated with sculpture. It was used in warm weather for imperial audiences, a place for strolling, and imperial banquets. Highlights of the tour include the South Nymphaeum with sixteen statues illustrating the tragic story of Niobe and her children; the South Hall, where you can see Hadrian presiding over an imperial audience; the North Hall, where you can see the one sculpture gallery known from the villa; the North Peristyle, which included an intimate dining room (triclinium) and even the emperor’s very own toilet. This tour  includes nighttime views when the place was transformed by the artificial lights into one of the most enchanting parts of Hadrian’s government retreat.

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