Flight Over Ancient Rome

Flyover Zone takes you on a unique teletour: a flight over the entire city of ancient Rome in a virtual hot air balloon. See the great monuments, like the Colosseum,  fora, imperial palace, and public baths. See the Tiber Island and the Seven Hills, the roads, acqueducts, bridges, and the thousands of apartment buildings built on the hillsides and on the valley floors. Along the way, there are 35 stops where you can listen and learn about what you are seeing.


35 stops, over two hours of content

Rome Reborn: Flight over Ancient Rome
Here you see the area of the port of Rome along the Tiber River. In the middle ground you see Rome's eighth hill--the manmade Mons Testaceus.
Rome Reborn: Flight over Ancient Rome
The virtual hot air balloon floats you over the entire city. In this view you see the Circus Maximus, Palatine, and Caelian below you. You can also make out the Tiber Island and adjacent theater district...and much, much more.
Rome Reborn: Flight over Ancient Rome
This is a view from the air to the east of the city not far from the Praetorian Camp, which can be seen in the lower left. Also clearly visible in this view is the Aurelian Wall, which rings the city for 18 km.
Rome Reborn: Flight over Ancient Rome
On the hot air balloon tour, you will see the great public baths. In this view, the Baths of Caracalla can be clearly seen.

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Rome Reborn: Flight over Ancient Rome

Flyover Zone is proud to take you on a unique aerial tour of the entire city of ancient Rome as it appeared in the fourth century of our era. This was the moment when the city reached its height in terms of population and the number of buildings and monuments. Prof. Bernard Frischer, an expert on the archaeology of Rome and its environs, is your guide. Listen to him explain sites exemplifying the city’s geography, urban infrastructure, public services, land use, urban administration, markets, temples, and much, much more. See six time warps spread around the city that allow you to toggle between the view today and the view from the same vantage point in antiquity. Altogether, there are 35 stops on a tour that takes up to two hours to complete.

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User Reviews

I am not arguing that there is no need any more for students to go to Rome; indeed, they should do so for a host of reasons there is no need to rehearse here. But ideally they should only go after having had the opportunity to explore the city with Professor Frischer and his team.
Russell Scott
Professor emeritus of Latin, Bryn Mawr College
I found the app to be very helpful in getting students to visualize ancient Rome. Some students have difficulty in “seeing” ancient Rome in the limited archaeological remains we have available to us. Even with plans and reconstruction drawings, the archaeological sites may fail to “come to life,” and the ability to do this is precisely what the app provides. One feature of the app the students found particularly useful is that which allows the viewer to switch from photos of sites as they are today to 3-D reconstructions of the sites as they may have been in antiquity.
Barbette Stanley Spaeth
Professor of Classics, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome and the College of William and Mary
I have begun bringing the Rome Reborn VR visors to class, one day per semester, per course, to allow students to finally begin to understand what the Roman Forum was like, in antiquity. The result has been overwhelming. Students wait patiently for their turn, not really knowing what to expect. When it is their turn, they are truly transported. "Wow!" "Cool!" "Amazing!" "This is so wonderful!" These are the things I hear from the students again and again, throughout the day....it is the best thing available to us today to bridge the centuries and bring us as close as possible to ancient Rome.
Crispin Corrado
Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of California, Rome Study Center

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