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Flyover Zone’s team is hard at work to recreate ancient Athens. Athens Reborn will offer a number of virtual tours of the city, starting with the Acropolis. The principal archaeological advisor of Athens Reborn is Prof. Jenifer Neils, the Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Presented by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, Flyover Zone is partnering with the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin to create Baalbek Reborn. The first product is scheduled to be released in 2020 and presents the Temple of Jupiter as well as the so-called temples of Bacchus, Venus, and the Muses. This virtual tour was created by Henning Burwitz and Holger Wienholz of the German Archaeological Institute.  You will see the ruins today as well as how the site appeared in the late Roman period.

Flyover Zone’s Great Monuments line of products will take you to places that are well-preserved. So, in contrast to our Reborns, no time travel is necessary. Often, Great Monuments are private properties not accessible to the public. Our first example is a tour of the Casino dell’Aurora in Rome. Your guide will be its owner, Princess Boncompagni-Ludovisi.

Flyover Zone is busy creating virtual tours of important sites in Egypt such as the Valley of the Kings and Karnak.  H. Hamed is the Director of Egypt Reborn and the Chief Scientific Advisor and Chair of our Scientific Advisory Committee is M. Abu Okeil.

In its Historical Games line of products, Flyover Zone brings the past to life by making it possible for you to play the role of a participant in an ancient game, ritual, or entertainment. The first product in this line is Chariot Racing. Travel back in time to Rome’s great race track, the Circus Maximus. Learn how to drive a four-horse chariot and compete against three chariots driven by avatars. As you improve your skills, your rating rises from novice to expert. Who says that the study of the past can’t be fun?

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