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Yes, if you have an enterprise license! To obtain one, please contact us

Yes! “Multi-user” is a term from the world of gaming. We call it “Group Tour,” and that is a feature available on all of Yorescape’s virtual tours.

No. Of course, Yorescape offers a virtual alternative to those unable to take an actual trip for personal reasons such as lack of time, economic circumstances, physical limitation, etc. That said, our goal in creating Yorescape is primarily to promote real-world tourism. Yorescape helps the real-world tourist in these ways:

  1. Peparation: Before leaving for your destination, get ready on Yorescape by taking a virtual tour of the site you plan to visit.
  2. Information on site: Once you arrive, use the mobile version of Yorescape to explore the site on your own.
  3. Recollection: After a trip, Yorescape helps you to keep alive your memories of the destination by making it easy to return there virtually again and again.

Yes. Accounts are free to create and allow us to synchronize all of your virtual tour progress and account data across our growing list of platforms.

We will never sell your information. Click here to view our privacy policy, end user license agreement, and terms of service.

Yorescape can run on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops/laptops via your web browser.

Support for Virtual Reality headsets will be added in 2023.

No, Yorescsape runs on many platforms including mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets (iOS, Android) as well as laptops and PCs (Macintosh, Windows). Support for select VR devices will start in 2023.

FAQ: Technical

This problem has arisen only in the web browser version of Yorescape. It occurs when your fire wall or Internet security program blocks these two URLs: (a) www.yorescape.com and (b) www.exitgames.com

The solution is easy: just add those two URLs to your fire wall’s and/or security program’s list of allowed websites.  The way to do this depends on the fire wall and security program you are using. We suggest you perform the following search to find out what specific steps you must take: “How do I allow a website using [name of your security program or firewall]”

We recommend that everyone in the group uses headphones instead of the built-in device speaker. This reduces the chance of echo or reverb.

If the issue continues to persist, please contact us with a brief description of the issue at contact@flyoverzone.com or by using the contact form below.

Our development team identified this issue on July 1, 2022 and is working on a solution. For now, the workaround is the following:

  1. Type any letter other than the first letter of your email address, using a key not blocked by the autofill list
  2. Now the autofill list goes away—and stays away
  3. Correct what you have typed thus far and type in the rest of your email address. Click ok.
  4. Type in your password and select login

Please contact us at: contact@flyoverzone.com if you need further help. Thank you for your patience as we work quickly to resolve this.

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If you still have questions, please reach out to us using the form below or at contact@flyoverzone.com

Still have questions? Contact us

Fill out the form below or email us at contact@flyoverzone.com.


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