Travel back in time and experience the Basilica of Maxentius with our virtual tour.
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The basilica built by the emperor Maxentius between 306 and 312 CE was a landmark of ancient Rome, for several reasons. First, it was the last civic building erected in the vicinity of the Roman Forum. Second, its design and materials, which were borrowed directly from the giant bathing complexes like the Baths of Caracalla and the Baths of Diocletian, gave it a scale and grandeur that surpassed the city’s older basilicas and rivalled even the imperial palace. Third, in an age when the empire’s center of gravity had shifted elsewhere, it also made a bold statement that Rome was still a source of political power. Finally, it served as the emperor’s “office,” where he could show himself to a large audience as the almost divine leader of his society. In this virtual tour, Flyover Zone’s Director of Content Dr. Alberto Prieto takes you through the historical and topographical context, architecture, and decoration of this extraordinary edifice, including the iconic colossal statue of Constantine the Great now in the Capitoline Museums.

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