Travel back in time and experience the Roman Forum with our remastered virtual tour. Learn about over 40 monuments, including the Senate House, Rostra, triumphal arches, and temples.
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  • Guided Tour

    Explore 50 stops along a tour of the Forum

  • Time Warp

    Travel to 320 AD and see the Forum restored

  • Expert Commentary

    Listen to expert commentary on each stop

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Educational Resources

Vocabulary List
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Lesson Concepts for Exploring
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Flyover Zone invites you to take a virtual tour of the Roman Forum, one of the world’s most-visited destinations. Follow a guided tour or explore the map of over 50 stops. Along the way, you will hear interviews with experts, including Prof. Bernard Frischer, Profs. Paolo Liverani, Bryan Rose, and Russell Scott. With our Time Warp feature, you will be able to see the site today as well as Flyover Zone’s reconstructions of how it looked in antiquity.

On this virtual tour, you will see and learn about over 40 monuments, including:
● the Roman Senate House
● the Rostra
● the Arch of Septimius Severus
● the shrine of the goddess Vesta

In 2020, this virtual tour was remastered to have the latest quality CG from our Art Director Mohamed Abdelaziz. The remastered version has an updated tablet user interface and improved graphics.

This virtual tour supports English, Italian, and German.







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