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To start, we wish you Happy New Year and thank you for using our applications on Steam. Flyover Zone has been creating virtual tours since 2018. We are proud to have published over 14 virtual tours of sites in Rome, Athens, Egypt, Mexico, and more. A full list of our virtual tours is here:

Owing to the increasing number of virtual tours and the work required to manage each one individually, we have decided to publish all virtual tours in our new streaming application, Yorescape ( We are unable to continue supporting our individual virtual tours and will be retiring them on February 29, 2024. After this date, those of you who own this virtual tour will still be able to access and download it. However, no new purchases will be possible.

To offer those of you who’ve wishlisted us one last opportunity to purchase this virtual tour, we will run a sale during the month of February.

Please see our FAQ below for more information.


The Flyover Zone Team


What is Yorescape?

Yorescape is our proprietary platform for virtual field trips taking students across space to see ruins in countries like Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Mexico and back in time to see the ruins spring to life in computer reconstructions. The same experts who work with our 3D models to reconstruct the ruins also work with our writers to craft the scripts that are recorded and can be heard at each stop on a tour. 

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you may try Yorescape at no cost for one week by clicking here: After the trial ends, what will I be able to access for free? We will continue to offer a selection of sponsored content for free. For now, this includes:
– Baalbek Reborn: Temples
– Any other sponsored tours we develop in the future

How much does a subscription cost?

Yorescape offers two plans:
1. Individual subscriptions for private use costs $29.99/yr. To subscribe, follow this link: Once you see the dashboard with all our tours, click on the “Premium” button associated with any tour, and you will be able to subscribe.
2. Enterprise subscriptions for schools, universities, etc., are priced according to several criteria. For details, please visit:

To place an enterprise order, you can contact us at or fill out our contact form here:

What comes with a personal subscription?

  • Access to all free as well as premium content available on Yorescape behind the paywall (Virtual Tours, Free Roams)
  • Use on all supported platforms (mobile, personal computers, and soon VR headsets supporting the OpenXR standard. Note: VR access is already available to enterprise users)
  • Any new features, including new tours, as they are released

What comes with an enterprise subscription?

How do I subscribe?

For personal use, please purchase an individual subscription while using Yorescape on your mobile device (Android/iOS) or web browser (Macintosh/Windows). We currently support subscriptions through Google Play (for Android devices), the Apple App Store (for iOS devices), and PayPal (for Windows and Macintosh PCs). Once you have subscribed, you will also be able to access Yorescape on any supported device

  • Download/update and open Yorescape on your Android/iOS device (you can download Yorescape here)
  • Log in to your Yorescape account
  • Select the Account button in the top-right
  • Select Account
  • Select Add Subscription

For enterprise use (schools, universities, libraries, etc.), please contact us at or fill out our contact form here:

If you have any questions not answered here, please reach out to us at

New Virtual Tour

Baalbek Reborn: Temples

Available for Free Download
Desktops and Laptops
Smartphones and Tablets
Virtual Reality Headsets

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