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Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Flyover Zone!

We are a virtual museum, in the best sense: open around the clock, easily accessible from all over the world, and in continuous development. So far, we present in interactive 3D more than 1,000 sculptures, monuments, and furnishings from Greek and Roman antiquity. Our collection is constantly growing, and the second floor of our virtual building is already under construction: in the future we will also present works of art from other cultures and times.

To get an idea of the quality of our collection, just click on the red highlighted area in our museum map. There you can discover the ancient sculptures from the Farnese collection in 3D for free. Among them you will find such famous masterpieces as the Hercules Farnese.

You can visit the whole museum without subscription. What you see when you do so is a 2D thumbnail image of each object along with related metadata (information such as the object’s name, material, dimensions, current location, etc.). To access our unique interactive 3D models, please purchase a subscription.

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A unique museum: All of our objects can be admired in 3D, that is, from all sides and at high resolution. As a basis we use scans of either stone and bronze originals or high-quality plaster casts made by our expert modelers for museums in the US and Europe (click here to see a list of our cooperating partners). Every model was created from hundreds of photographs processed with professional photogrammetric software.

But our museum also contains masterpieces that cannot be seen anywhere else! In a close collaboration between scientists and our modelers, we have digitally restored or reconstructed damaged or destroyed sculptures, including the colors that once decorated them—ancient art sculpted in marble was not blank white, but very colorful!

Getting oriented in our museum: If you are looking for a specific object, use our search box. Here you can enter a name, an artist, or a museum, or even other terms (for example, inventory number) present in the metadata that accompanies each model.

Or, if you would like to explore the museum room by room, use the floor plan. In the rooms marked in dark blue you will find objects of Greek art, and in the rooms marked in light blue and you will find objects of Roman art. The room marked in red presents the masterpieces from the Farnese collection. The 3D models of this gallery are freely available—no subscription needed!

How to explore the individual gallery rooms of the museum: If you select a room with a mouse-click and then click on the View button, you will see all of the objects in that room. First, the latest acquisitions are shown, all other objects are arranged alphabetically by format (formats include, for example, Bust, Herm, Relief, Statue, and Statue Group). Within each format, the individual pieces are also arranged alphabetically by their name.

How to look at a specific object: If you click on an object that you wish to view, a page opens with metadata about the object (name, format, museum, etc.) as well as a thumbnail image of the object itself. Additional links will lead you to further information about the selected object. If you click on the image, the 3D model is activated, and you can rotate the model, pan it, and zoom in or out (only for subscribers). In the lower right corner are some icons. The gear icon allows you to change the resolution from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition). The obliquely oriented double arrow is an expand icon; click on it to make the view fill your screen. You can also change the lighting on an object. For example, if you are using a three-button mouse with Windows, hold down the ALT key, right-click, and move the mouse. If you are using a mobile device, put the three middle fingers of one hand on the screen and slowly move them around.







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