Flyover Announces New Product Line: Historical Games

What if you could not only visit the Ludus Magnus, the training camp of the gladiators in Rome, but also go back in time as a participant in the spectacles that took place there? Flyover Zone CEO Nathanael Tavares today announced the launch of a new line of products: Historical Games that will enable you to do just that . “By late 2020–just in time for the Christmas holiday season–we will be releasing our first products allowing you to train as a gladiator in the Ludus Magnus or as a chariot racer in the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome. We are digitally recreating these spectacles with the same TLC and attention to scientific accuracy as go into our virtual tours of the monuments. The basic idea is to appeal to the child in people of all ages to learn about ancient cultures by actively engaging in competitions that test your mental ability and physical agility. We firmly believe that the study of history can be as fun as it is edifying.”

Tavares went on to state that since these games are interactive and immersive, they will run on platforms such as the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, and HTC Vive.

A game begins with a tutorial to train the user to use the equipment and to observe the rules. Then, users can test their skills by engaging in a simulated competition against Non-Player Characters. As users’ skills improve, they advance from novice to expert status. All the while, users can take advantage of Flyover’s new multi-player functionality to allow a friend to be present as a spectator. Tavares said that Flyover Zone has many other game projects on the planning board, including animal hunts in the Colosseum and the board games of ancient Rome.

The first products to be published are “Historical Games: Chariot Racing!” and “Historical Games: Gladiator!”

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