Roman Forum remastered + Info on Microsoft Store

The Rome Reborn: Roman Forum application has been completely remastered with an updated tablet user interface and improved graphics. We have added the German language to the application and temporarily removed Italian and Chinese pending changes to the translations of those languages.

The Flyover Zone team writes this post in order to inform all of our loyal customers who have purchased our products from the Microsoft Store that we have officially moved away from the Microsoft Store and begun adding all of our applications for Windows 10 onto the Steam Store. (

Anyone who has purchased the Roman Forum application from the Windows Store can have the latest remastered version of the Roman Forum on Steam for free. Please send an email to with a copy of your receipt from Microsoft and we will send you a free key to redeem on Steam.

Please note that the Oculus Go and Samsung GearVR versions of the Roman Forum are not being updated due to Oculus discontinuing support for these platforms. Click here for more info.

Please write to us with any other questions and thanks for your continued support.

– The Flyover Zone Team

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